Our ToolsToRead Program

This program is the most distinctive method for learning to read. It includes instruction in linguistically accurate phonics, develops fluency, and includes continual development of comprehension.

We work one-to-one in a positive, patient atmosphere. Our parent friendly setting allows you to attend sessions, wait in a comfortable living area or run errands. Students progress at their own rate while developing confidence.

Decoding, fluency and comprehension are the mainstay of the course. Regular phonics and comprehension assessments track the student’s progress.

Most students typically gain 1-2 grade levels within 20-24 hours and complete the entire course in 50 hours with gains of 2-4 grade levels.


Our Approach Math Tutoring

Students who come to us struggling with math see their grades improve within a few weeks. We patiently explain their homework using various examples.

We help students understand what the problem is asking of them and identify the operations needed for a correct answer. Your child gains confidence in math as he/she understands the problems and solutions.

We also offer a summer review of their grade to address any areas of weakness – or we provide a summer review of the next year’s math. 


Academic Mentoring

Academic mentoring brings competence and patience to your child’s learning experiences. We will “tutor” your child in various subjects helping them to understand what is expected of them. We provide learning and organization helps. As you can imagine the student gains self-confidence and achieves better grades.