profiles_ryanRyan, a tenth grader, was reading at the sixth grade level. After completing our reading program in 48 hours he was reading independently at the 11th grade level.
profiles_chrissieChrissie, in the third grade, was reading below grade level and struggling in school. After 20 hours into our program she was already getting A’s in class. Her mother was very pleased with Chrissie’s renewed self confidence.
profiles_justinJustin struggled with school since first grade. Nothing seemed to help. After completing the  reading program his parents are thrilled with his progress and his ability to function at his grade level for the first time.
profiles_marcusMarcus’ parents brought him to us when he was in the eighth grade. Marcus was reading at the fourth grade level. With much determination, Marcus had gained five grade levels when he completed the reading program.
profiles_emmaEmma is a tenth grader. After just 15 hours in the reading program she has gained two grade levels in her reading ability. “I am now able to decode words I don’t know. It is really helping me in all my classes.”
profiles_lilyLily is a four year-old who was able to read 300 words after just two hours of instruction! Wouldn’t it be great if all students were launched with our reading program?
profiles_linhthuLinhthu, a fourth grader, was reading at the third grade level when her parents enrolled her in the reading program. After 46 hours she was reading, with comprehension, at the sixth grade level.
profiles_leviLevi, a third grader who couldn’t read, was attending a Parochial School. On Scholastic’s SRI he scored as a non-reader for several months. After beginning the reading program Levi’s SRI scores began to go up. Within six months he was at grade level. Now Levi enjoys reading. Our reading program made the difference.