The focus of our reading seminar is for you to understand and use linguistically accurate phonics in the teaching of reading or preparing a student to read.

We offer the most comprehensive phonics seminars available. We will instruct you in all the sounds of English. You will be provided with ToolsToRead materials that will assist you in reading instruction. These seminars will enable you to be more effective in preventing and solving potential reading problems.

This simple and effective program is designed to empower five-year-olds and even mature four-year-olds to begin sounding out and reading words – eliminating the ineffective method of having to memorize individual words. Academic Achievement has divided the ToolsToRead seminars into three levels for the convenience of teachers and to make it easier to address individual needs. Each seminar is approximately 3 hours and can be scheduled for Friday or Saturday morning. Handouts include sample word drills that accompany the ToolsToRead reading program.

The foundation laid in Seminar One prepares a teacher to begin to teach a student to actually read. Seminar Two adds to and provides more phonics tools to develop reading ability and (when added to material learned in Seminar One) prepares an educator to assist lower elementary students. Seminar Three is built upon material learned in Seminars One & Two.

A pre-school teacher may not require more than Seminar One whereas a first grade teacher will benefit from Seminars One & Two. The seminars are designed to meet the instructional needs of the teacher.

Seminar 1
Pre-K – Kinder

Seminar 2
Grade One – Grade Three

Seminar 3
Grade Three – Adult

If interested in attending one of our seminars contact us at or call 800 861.9196 for pricing and availability.